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The majority of businesses around the world have already realized the substantial potential of outsourcing their IT-related tasks to managed IT support services. The ability to work with a large team of experts without paying each of them a salary is appealing.

The chance to get the demanded services upon request without looking for new specialists every time is a way to cut costs and save money.

Top-notch expertise at a fraction of its actual price sounds magical. Thankfully, such an option does exist.

If you are a business owner, who is wondering what types of managed IT services you would like to take advantage of, this quick read can help you.

You don’t need to pay a fortune for all-inclusive managed IT support or try to work with a limited number of specialists. Get a good idea of what you need and choose the type of services to suit your company.

1. Data Protection And Security

Security is one of the most important matters you have to take care of for your company. No matter what the nature of your business is, it’s exposed to hacks, fraud, and digital crime. Even if all you are doing with a computer is entering your client’s phone numbers into a spreadsheet, your reputation and profits could be in danger. Thirty-five percent of businesses report that customer records were compromised at some point due to a security incident.

If you don’t have an in-house IT security team dealing with everything from anti-virus software updates to disaster recovery plans, it’s time to outsource the task.

Data security and protection is one of the most demanded managed services for companies. The majority of managed IT support companies offer this option to their clients.

When choosing the best option for your business, make sure you are getting 24/7 support and system monitoring with quick response time.

2. Emergency Services

Do you expect the IT team to work 24/7? You should. Hackers don’t choose a convenient time between 9 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday to break into your network. Your hardware doesn’t know that you are on vacation when it decides to give out.

That’s why one of the highest demanded managed services is an emergency response. According to experts, a team of specialists should be readily available to respond to a problem when it occurs and not when its work hours begin.

It’s important to note that 24/7 monitoring and response is usually priced accordingly. However, you would be paying much more to an in-house specialist to work overtime and monitor your systems during the night.

3. Cloud Services

Today, cloud computing has become one of the most demand solutions due to its flexibility, efficiency, scalability, simplified collaboration, reduced office space, higher security, and much more.

For business owners, who are looking for an optimal way to adapt to the cloud computing options, managed support services are a must-have. The team of cloud experts ensures the security of data transferred to the cloud and its availability to the team members.

Meanwhile, the transition of data and software to the cloud is a complex and time-consuming process, which requires an expert approach. Outsourcing this task can help you have peace of mind while saving time and cutting costs.

When selecting the best managed IT support services for your company, ask about the experience with cloud migration.

4. Software Development Services

Custom software development is one of the most expensive yet highly efficient projects business owners consider. Custom software can cut costs, improve business application management, and take the company to a new level.

Finding the right developer can be tough. The process is lengthy and frustrating. However, the time invested in the search pays off during the development stage and for years after.

Any given company is unlikely to have software development specialists on its team. That’s why these services are often outsourced.

When choosing a company for security or cloud migration, ask about its software development services. A managed IT support team that has experience working on other matters for your company can have an easier time developing a perfectly fitting software for your needs.

5. Network Security Services

Similar to data protection, network security services are highly important to the overall security of computer network infrastructure. Security policy implementation, installing network software and hardware for extra protection against unauthorized access, and much more should be delegated to the professionals.

Ensuring top quality network security services can help you enjoy peace of mind about the way your overall system is working. The same company that offers top-notch data protection and recovery services can provide network security options.

6. Consulting Services

The world of IT is changing so quickly that less than half of the companies can keep up with the developments timely. Outsourcing IT consulting services is an excellent idea for businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition.

They get quick access to a team of experts, who are on top of the latest discoveries and implementation in the IT realm.

These consultants can help you come up with innovative solutions, build well-defined strategies, and work toward quick development.

7. Communication Services

In order to improve the overall work process of your business, regardless of its nature, you need the right approach to communications. Be it interacting with clients or communicating within a team, you require a seamless and error-free way to do it.

A managed services company can offer support for the data sharing within the team by optimizing hardware and software for in-house and remote communications. It can provide the latest voice and video services to simplify conversations regardless of the number of participants or their locations.

8. Software As A Service

SaaS (Software as a Service) is another common way to offer managed services. A provider offers you software, which the company can subscribe for a certain time. This may be the software you need to improve your business function, communication, customer service, etc.

SaaS allows business owners to take advantage of the latest software programs on any device remotely or in-house without dealing with installations, system updates, and maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Whatever IT-related task you need to get done, there is a company out there ready to offer you assistance. If you feel as if your company is wasting too much time and money on a simple task, which lacks an expert’s opinion, consider managed services.